Earning Money From Blogging To Get Started Making Money Online

The quickest and easiest way to earn money online without doing a whole lot of extra training, education or work, is to learn how to earn money from blogging. This way you can either blog about something that you are passionate about ( or very interested in) or you can blog about something that a lot of other people are passionate about or interested in.

To earn money from blogging you don't need a blogging degree to become successful. You don't need alot of marketing or sales background, skills or sales training. You won't need to learn copywriting skills or how to do website development, website design or HTML coding or any of that other technical stuff. Blogging is by far the easiest way to get started making money online.

Now, to earn money from blogging there are some basic things that you are going to need to have, learn and do, all of which are pretty simple and easy to do. These are the things that are going to make it much more likely that you earn a consistent and steady income as a result of your blogging efforts too.

To start with here is a basic list of what you will need to have, learn and do to earn money from blogging

1.) You will need to have a blog that you will be posting too. You can setup your own blog using a free blogging platform like Blogger.com, Wordpress.com, Tumblr.com, Weebly.com or any of the other free web 2.0 blogging platforms.

2.) You will need a good topic to blog about, one that alot of people are interested in. This could be something like sports, entertainment, fashion, golf, fishing, dating or anything that you know well, have a strong interest in and think other people would be interested in as well.

Pick something that you will enjoy learning about and doing research on so that you can get started by writing your own articles and not have to worry about paying someone else to write them for you.

3.) You will also need a plan so that you are able to be productive and grow your blog up to the income level that you want it to generate for you. Included in your plan you should also have your monetization strategy, (which will be your way of making money).

For most people the easiest monetization strategy is to use adsense ads on your blog. This way with adsense ads you don't need to worry about trying to sell anything or trying to get anyone to buy anything. You will be able to focus on creating good content articles for your blog and adsense can provide the ads that will earn you money each time one of your blog visitors clicks on one of the adsense ads.

Once you have all 3 of the above items ready, then you can start researching and writing your articles. You'll want to post at least 2 to 3 articles per week but keep in mind that the more articles that you post, the more visitors you can attract and the more money you can make. So post as many articles as you like and post as often as you like.

These are the 3 basic steps needed to help you learn how to earn money from blogging.

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