How To Do Email Marketing In 3 Simple Steps

Learning how to do email marketing is not that difficult as you will soon see. It only involves a few simple steps to actually learn the process and have it working for you. In this article we are going to cover exactly how this process works so that you can put it to work for you in your online business and enjoy the increased earning potential that it can provide for you.

The actual components involved in learning how to do email marketing are as follows :

1.) An email provider - This can be a free service like Mail Chimp, to help you get started, if you are on a tight budget. Or you can use one of the more professional and advanced email providers such as Aweber, Constant Contact or a number of other providers. What is important here is that they are compliant with all of the major email services like Yahoo, Gmail, Microsoft/Bing, AOL, etc...

2.) Next you will need an enticing offer that will motivate your visitors to want to give you their email information in exchange for what it is that you are offering.

Some of the best converting offers are things like a free video training series or free training ebook, you can also use a free report or some other type of free content that your visitors will want. The key here is to make them a unique, irresistible offer so that you will get as many people to take you up on your offer as possible.

3.) In addition to the opt-in offer, you will also need to have a series of followup emails written that you will need to load into your email followup messages. This should be anywhere from 1 to 5 content messages before you include any promotional messages.

This will vary from person to person and from niche to niche. It's best to test different options to see what works best for your market, for example if you have your promotional offer sent out after the first email greeting and a lot of your subscribers are unsubscribing then you may want to make an adjustment to lower your unsubscribe rate.

Depending on your email provider, you may be able to customize your confirmation page so that after each person subscribes to your email list they will see your confirmation letter letting them know that they will need to confirm their subscription. If you have the option to customize this page then this is where you can thank them for subscribing before you actually start sending out email letters.

How To Do Email Marketing In 3 Simple Steps

Once you have the above items, then you are now ready to put all of the pieces together

To do this simply follow these steps

1.) sign into your email provider account
Create a new email list
Create a opt-in form
Copy the code to place your opt-in form on your blog or website
Place the code in a side bar widget or where ever you want it to be on your website.

2.) Next you will need to load your pre-written followup emails into your email providers followup message section. This is where you will insert your promotional offers as well.

You should have at least 7 to 10 content messages loaded and scheduled at least a couple of days apart so that you give your subscribers time to read and digest one message before getting another one.

This will also help you build trust and rapport with your subscribers which should help to increase your email open rate as well as your email purchase rate for your offers.

3.) Start promoting your blog or website to generate traffic to your offer. This can be done through article marketing, forum commenting, using social media and a variety of other maketing techniques.

Learning How To Do Email Marketing Conclusion

There you have it, these are the basic steps involved in learning how to do email marketing. You may need to make some slight tweaks and adjustments to create a customized system for your particular niche and your subscribers to ensure that you get the best results.

You may also want to schedule some time each week to review your system and see where you can make improvements, like updating some of the followup messages or replacing old offers with new offers to get better results as well.

The important thing to remember is that learning how to do email marketing is really pretty simple, you just have to work at it because is does take time and the more effort you put into it, the better your results will be as well.

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