How To Use Content Writing To Increase Your Web Traffic

Content writing
, also referred to as article marketing is a very effective way of driving more traffic to your blog or website whether you are a seasoned marketer or you are totally new to making money online. It is basically a way of conveying information or value to others in the form of text. It is most often used to create webpages and other forms of web content.

For purposes of online marketing to increase web traffic, content writing is primarily used in the form of article marketing. When done properly it can help to establish you as an expert or authority in your particular niche, stimulate curiosity and attract people to your site for more information.

Many people miss out on the full benefits of using this strategy for getting traffic for a number of reason’s. Here are a few of the typical reason why most people do not reap the full benefits of content writing :

First Reason - They immediately say “I can’t or I don’t, like to or want to write articles. - That is usually the first response for most people and at this point you have two options. Opt 1. Pay someone else to do your content writing for you however if you are just starting out then this might not be a good choice.

Or opt 2. Look past the short term discomfort that you will need to ensure and challenge yourself to strengthen your self discipline by taking the time to learn it until you are able to start earning enough to pay someone else to do it for you.

By taking option 2 you will be better preparing yourself for longterm online business success. By writing your own content you will learn the subject area much better and because you are doing the work to help build your business, you are likely to do a higher quality job as well.

Second Reason - Trying to take too many short cuts too soon. - Some people will pay someone else to do the content writing for them, which is ok and then they will spin the article and because they are not focused on the quality of the article, it is a very low quality article that gets very poor results.

These problems can be easily solved by following a few simple guidelines that can get you started off on the right track, here they are.

Tips For Effective Content Writing And Getting Free Traffic :

1.) Do market research and keyword research to find out what are the best topics to write about. - Make sure you write about things that a lot of other people are interested in, while at the same time its not too competitive a keyword phrase for you to rank for.

2.) Focus on creating high quality content - When you create articles that provide value to the reader you will be getting better results that can keep sending you traffic month after month for many years to come.

3.) Submit to different high page rank article directories that allow you to include a back-link to your site in the resource box. If you do choose to use spun articles for this, you should always proof read the articles and make any corrections need.

Here is where you can get more specific information about article marketing to help you make money online. In addition to covering the above mentioned basics, you will also want to make sure that you optimize your content to help increase the odds that it will rank well in the search engine results pages (SERP’s).

Here are some basic tips on how to optimize your content

SEO Tips For Content Writing :

1.) Use your keyword in the title. - Your title should be interesting enough to catch the attention of people searching for your information but it should also have the keyword in it for search engine purposes. If possible you should use your keyword should be used first in the title.

2.) Use your keyword in the first and last sentence. In addition you should use it about once per one hundred words. This is a basic rule of thumb that can help you get a good keyword density or ratio.

3.) You should “Bold, Underline & Italicize” your keyword. This will also help the search engines properly index and rank your article for the right keywords.

These are just a few basic things that should be done to help your articles rank well in the search engines. Here is where you can get a free seo ebook that explains much more about how search engine optimization (SEO) works.

Benefits of Content Writing And Article Marketing :

1.) A high quality seo article can rank highly in the search engine results pages and that can result in you getting more targeted/interested traffic to your site.

2.) content writing can be used to link back to other webpages on your site to increase their ranking or they can be used to link back to other articles that are already linking back to one of your webpages. This can give an additional boost to your first article.

3.) Doing your own content writing allows you to stay on top of your topic by doing research that will help you to keep your knowledge current, this can also help you to be seen as an authority in your niche. Many people make the mistake that you have to be naturally inspired everyday to be able to write good content. Well the true is you can get inspired by reading inspiring articles from others. This is one of the best strategies for consistently doing good work.

When done properly content writing that allows you to create good articles that are submitted to a variety of different article directories can help you get a lot more streams of traffic to your site. This will help to increase your rankings in the search engines and at the same time diversify your sources of traffic so that you are not Google dependent.

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