Learn About Marketing As An Online Affiliate Marketer

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Recap of the Affiliate Marketing Tutorial video by David Barnes.

Learn About Marketing As An Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing Techniques :

In this video he explains the process of becoming an affiliate and creating a blog or product review website to promote your affiliate products.

Learn About Marketing - What Is Affiliate Marketing ?

Selling other people’s stuff - Selling someone else’s product and earning a commission on each product that you sell.

Sign up as an affiliate - This is how you establish a business relationship with the merchant for whom you will be promoting their products.

Sending visitors through an “affiliate link” - This is how the merchant will be able to track all of your referred traffic and related sells.

You get paid a  commission ( usually between 50 - 100% ) for lower price products that may sell for about $5.00 - $29.00 you will usually get 100% commissions, although in some cases it may be lower, as with Amazon.com.  The exact amount will be specified when you sign up as an affiliate.

Basically you earn a commission by sending buyers to a merchants sales page, through your affiliate link.

What You Need To Do

* Find a good product to promote
* Create a squeeze page
* Create a sales funnel
* Drive traffic to your squeeze page

Learn About Marketing Benefits Of Starting With Affiliate Marketing

* You do not need to create your own product - This can save you a lot of time and money.

* Promotional materials are usually provided - This may include banners, graphics and promo emails.

* You can get started quickly - Often you can be promoting the product immediately.

* The product owner takes care of customer support - You will not be responsible for answering customer support questions or concerns.

* The product owner also takes care of refunds.

As with anything in life there are some problems to be aware of so that you are not totally devastated if any of them happen to you.

Learn About Marketing Disadvantages For Affiliate Marketing

- The product owner can take the product offline at any time - This rarely happens but it is possible.

- The product owner is handling customer support - If the product owner does not do a good job of handling customer support issues, that could reflect poorly on you for referring the product.

- There is no guarantee that the product will be profitable for you ( will it convert) - You want to find out what is the earnings per click (EPC) for the product, this will help you determine if it is going to be profitable or not.

- You should buy the product and try it out before recommending it or at least request a review copy.

- Not as good as owning your own product, however this should be one of your long term goals.

The Two Groups Of Affiliate Marketers

1.) You have a list of buyers -  All you need to do is find a profitable product and promote it to your list.

2.) You will be just starting out and need to start building a list. - Now you need a product, squeeze page, sales funnel and you need to drive traffic to your squeeze page.

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