Unique Content - The Key To Increase Website Traffic Quickly

If your online goal is to rank high in the search engine result pages then the best thing that you can do to put the odds in your favor is to have a website that is loaded with lots of high quality, informative, interesting and unique content. Anything less and your odds start to shrink dramatically.

The reason for this is that the search engines are only successful to the extent that they are able to meet the needs of their users. If the users are not pleased with the results that they are getting then they will quickly stop using that search engine and try something else.

The goal of all search engines (especially Google, Yahoo and Bing) is to be able to provide users with the best possible result options for their particular search query. Therefore the higher quality a webpage is then the high ranking it is likely to get in the search engine result pages.

There are a few things that are look at to determine the quality of a webpage and they are as follows :

1.) Originality - Is it original and unique content ? This includes articles, videos, pictures, reviews, music and other forms of content.

2.) Is it relevant to the specific topic or niche for the specific user query ? - The content has to relate as closely as possible to what the user is searching for. This is why optimizing your content is so important and helpful.

3.) How do others respond to it or rate it - If users are quickly leaving this page in a matter of seconds, then this tells the search engines that the content is not relevant or it was not good content. This is why it is important to have well written content that will hold the interest of the visitors.

Search engines have identified that when users are presented with content that scores well in all three of the above areas then they are likely to be satisfied with the options that they have to choose from and they are likely to continue using them for their future search needs.

Original articles or videos that are also entertaining or humorous are also very likely to go viral and be shared all over the internet through social media. It can also attract the attention of other webmasters and blog owners who may choose to link back to your content.

So how do you go about creating this unique content ? It can be done in 4 simple steps

1.) Do some research on the topic that you are focusing on. This will allow you to start developing your own opinion on the subject and of course the more research you do, the better informed you will be on the topic.

2.) Think of how it can be improved or enhanced or how you can present the information in a funny or entertaining way.

3.) Write your own interesting version or opinion on the topic from your unique and insightful point of view.

4.) Keep increasing your knowledge on the topic, sharing your point of views and before long, you will be considered an expert in that area.

So to sum it up here are 3 specific reasons why you should only use high quality unique content on your website.

1.) It will earn you higher search engine rankings which in turn will bring you more search engine traffic.

2.) Your content can go viral which can also bring you more traffic and

3.) You can attract backlinks from other website owners which again can bring you more traffic.

So if your goal truly is to get top rankings for your webpages then put the odds in your favor by using only high quality unique content and watch the search engine rankings propel you to the top.

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