2 Ways Mobile App Marketing Can Help You Make Money Online

Mobile app marketing is growing across all of the major mobile platforms, like The IPhone ios, Android, Windows and others. It is estimated that there are over 5 Billion people who already own a cellphone and that number is expected to continue increasing for at least the next 3-5 years.

And most new internet connections are now being done for internet service on smart-phones, tablets or other types of mobile devices.

This shift in how people are accessing the internet is creating a huge mobile app marketing opportunity for anyone who learns how to create good apps and market them effectively. And also for people who want to make money as an affiliate doing mobile marketing for other companies and products.

Now because each brand has their own particular operating system to run apps on, before you learn how to make apps you should already know which platform you want to work on.

In most cases this decision may be based on which platform you currently use. So if you own an Apple product you will most likely be inclined to prefer Iphone apps development training over the other options.

If however you have already created your own app and you just need a few quick tips on how to do mobile app marketing so that you can drive traffic to your apps and start making more sales then these tips will can you start getting those results right away.

But before we go over the marketing tips let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy as a result of doing mobile app marketing for another source of online income.

Mobile app marketing benefits for being a mobile app affiliate marketer for other companies or products :

1.) It is an affordable way of marketing and making money online. In most cases you can create a very widespread and long running campaign on a very modest budget and when you compare the cost of investment to your return on investment you will almost always come out way ahead in profits.

2.) Mobile app marketing can be less competitive as compared to traditional online marketing when you learn how to do it correctly, simply because there are not as many people who have taken the time to learn how to do it well.

This creates a great opportunity for someone who wants to learn it and get really good at it.

3.) When you are marketing directly to mobile users, because they are more responsive to communications on their mobile devices, you will usually get a much higher response rate than you would with traditional marketing.

4.) Great income opportunity. If you choose to use this as a way of making money online, and you focus on getting really good at it, then because of a growing mobile audience you will be positioning yourself right in front of a growing money making trend which usually means that it will be easier for you to actually make more money.

Now that we have looked at a few of the many benefits available to someone who chooses to do mobile app marketing as an affiliate marketer, now let’s look at some of the basic steps that you will need to take to create an ongoing stream of traffic and buyers for your own apps :

Mobile App Marketing Tips to focus on :

1.) Keep your number one focus on increasing your traffic to increase your downloads. If at all possible create and offer a trail version for free download. This will help to build credibility and increase your exposure.

2.) Submit your app to a blog review site - This should be done after you have had friends or family members test it out and given you their feedback on it. You want to make sure that it is a great app and is going to get a good, honest review.

3.) Make frequent improvements and updates to your apps - This can help to promote a high level of quality and increase your app store visibility which can also give people a reason to take a closer look at your app.

4.) Use or include social media both within your app to allow for sharing of information about your app and in promoting it. This will help to increase it’s popularity and it could also cause the app to go viral and skyrocket in downloads and sales.

5.) Hire a public relations (PR) company to create and publish a press release to help you get the word out about you as a developer and your new app. This could help create both a lot of sales for you and a lot of interested followers for you as well.

These are a few quick tips on how you can start improving your mobile app marketing efforts to get more downloads and make more sales. And you now have two great ways to use mobile app marketing to make money online.

You can 1.) Learn how to create your own mobile apps or you can 2.) Learn how to do mobile affiliate marketing. It is important to remember that marketing is an ongoing effort that needs to be continually worked at until you start getting your desired results, so if at first you don’t succeed then try, try and try again.

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