How To Build Links by Submitting Articles To Article Directories

Learning how to build links by submitting articles to article directories is a very smart, longterm traffic building strategy that can work for you month, after month after month, when done correctly.

Not only can it help to increase the rankings of your content that you link back to but it can also help bring you targeted traffic to your site which in effect, is helping you to diversify your sources of traffic so that you are not overly dependent on search engine traffic.

This will be traffic that you do not have to wait for, once your article has been approved and published. It will also be targeted traffic because you will be getting visitors who have read your content, liked what they read and clicked on your link for more information or great content from you.

Learning how to build links by submitting articles to article directories is pretty simple and it can be done in a few simple steps :

1.) Create a high quality article with a brief 2-3 sentence, enticing summary. A summary description, that will create curiosity or interest in the potential reader.

2.) Pick at least 3-5 high page rank article directories to submit your article to, only one of which should be a ‘no follow’ directory, even though it may be a ‘no follow’ directory you can still get traffic to your site with a high quality article.

You can get a list of top pr directories by typing in “top article directories to submit to” into google.

Submit your article with a link pointing back to your site in the resource box, using the keyword anchor text that you want to rank your content for.

3.) Repeat steps 1 & 2 for at least 14 - 21 days. This will allow time for your articles and credibility as a author to build up and you will find that other site owners will start publishing your articles on their site, with a link back to your site which will give you even more back links.

Learning how to build links by submitting articles to article directories is not that difficult once you realize that it is a long term traffic building strategy that can help you increase your search engine rankings over time and bring you highly targeted visitors as well.

The keys to achieving success with article marketing, are to focus on only using high quality articles, repetition and persistence, these are the critical things needed to get the best results.

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