How To Use Content Curation To Increase Your Traffic

Is content curation the future of blogging ? and online marketing in general ? It could very well be. Getting more traffic to your blog or website is often one of the biggest challenges that you can have when working online. Many of the traditional ways can seem boring and time consuming. And you find yourself thinking, isn’t there a better way to do this ? Well content curation might just be the answer that you are looking for.

Benefits of content curation :

You are able to share multiple sources of relevant content with your audience.

You are able to spice up your content by adding others content into your mix.

You are able to save your readers time by only providing high quality and relevant content.

Helps to distinguish you as an expert when you consistently provide well chosen, relevant and useful content to others.

What Is Content Curation ?

Have you ever found yourself surfing the web and you come across some content that makes you think, wow I would love to share this with my readers ? one way to do it is with social media like Twitter, Digg or Facebook, however those platforms only give you a very limited amount of space to express your take on it.

However by taking a snippet of the content, posting it on your site with a link back to the original content, you are able to more fully express your thoughts while sharing some great new content with your readers as well. So in very basic terms content curation is the process of collecting different pieces of information from different places on the web and sharing it from one location with others.

Content curation tools include :

StumbleUpon - which takes you to random sites based on your interest

RSS feeds and Google alerts can keep you informed about news in your niche.

- Curation Soft - This is a software solution that works with Google Blog Search and News, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and other RSS feeds.

How to do content curation marketing :

It is a very simple process to do, it just takes a good amount of focus and effort. Here are the basic steps that you should follow :

1.) Focus on finding the best content available to share with your visitors.

2.) Copy a quoted portion of the content or include a portion of the original content to your article, clearly showing that where the content was originally located.

3.) Give a link back to the original source so that your visitors will have access to the entire content if they so desire.

4.) Try to do this with at least 3-5 different sources each time. This will ensure that you include a good amount of variety for your viewers.

When done correctly content curation can help you provide your audience with some of the best content available that will truly be worth their time and interest.

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