How To Use Social Media Marketing To Create A Thriving Business

Smart marketers and online business owners are starting to realize that their has been a shift in what works online and in business. Social media marketing is quietly overtaking the business marketing landscape and more and more people are becoming aware of it.

If you are looking for a way to start an online business, increase your traffic, grow your customer base or make more sales, then you need to learn how social media marketing works and start using it for yourself. Let’s start by taking a closer look at exactly

What Is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the process of increasing your website traffic through the use of one or more web 2.0 (and other) social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and others. The main difference with using these methods of marketing vs other traditional methods such as newspaper and T.V. ads is that social media sites allow for two way communications between you and your idea audience.

Social media marketing is an extremely powerful and cost effective way to use networking to promote and market your business. By creating content that attracts attention from your idea audience, and causes them to share that content with their social network, you can get some of the highest sales results with the lowest marketing cost.

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

* Greater Marketing Potential - The ability to access larger networks of potential customers through word of mouth advertising. This has always been one of the most influential ways to increase sales. With social media platforms you can create raving fans who enthusiastically tell their friends about your product or services.

* Brand Awareness - Many people have become blind to traditional methods of marketing and advertising, which means that they are not yielding very good results. The cost for promoting and marketing your company brand is significantly reduced and you can expect to see faster and better results by using social media marketing.

* Better, Fast Customer Acquisitions - When someone recommends your product or service based on their personal experience with it, that is a big trust factor which can overcome someone else's reluctance to try something new.

* Greater bottom line profits - Because one of the biggest cost involved in making online sales is marketing, by effectively using social media marketing you are able to reduce this cost, while at the same time increasing your customer base and sales which ultimately means greater profits.

3 Big reason why most marketers or online business owners are not making massive sales :

They are afraid of trying something new and get stuck in a rut trying to make old out dated marketing tactics work. They fail to realize that because something worked in the past, that does not mean that it will still work now, let alone work in the future. Successful people realize that the future has to become the priority, not the past.

They don’t realize the lead generating potential of social media marketing. In today’s economy and into the foreseeable future the foundation of online success will rest upon your ability to have a growing list of names and emails so that you can regularly communicate with your idea customers.

They do not realize that the key to getting traffic is to add value with your content and creating social interactions. Effective use of engaging content is what causes people to share your content and that can quickly cause it to go viral all over the web.

Social Media Marketing Training

Using social media as a marketing tool is one of the best ways to put its power to work for you and your business. To get the best results from social media marketing it is important that you invest the time, effort and resources necessary to learn and understand how to create and implement a successful marketing strategy.

The core of any successful social media campaign is to include the following 4 items for your audience :

1.) Engagement - You content should be of interest to your audience so that they will want to enter-act with you. This can be done in a variety of ways, requesting feedback in the form on comments in just one way this can be done.

2.) Educate - Your content should also be informative and useful, ‘how to information’ is very effective for this purpose.

3.) Entertain - It also has to be entertaining, no one wants to waste their time reading boring content. This is one reason why videos are so popular, they can be very entertaining.

4.) Empower - Your content should always add value to your audience. This will ensure that you will be earning more trust and credibility with them.

One of the best three step success strategies has always been to

1.) Find out who is the best at what you want to do

2.) See if they are getting the kind of results that you want to get and then

3.) Model your strategies based on what works.

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