I Need A Website So I Can Learn How To Make Money Online

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This is a great ebook that was written by Chris Farrell and is being made available by myself Darren Fleming, which will teach you all of the basics about not only how to create a website but it also covers almost every important aspect of building a successful and profitable online business. And did I mention that it’s Free ? Now that we’ve gotten that part taken care of let’s take a closer look at creating a website and some of the other options that are available to you as well.

I Need A Website So I Can Learn How To Make Money Online

Creating a website can be exciting, rewarding and a lot of fun. Especially since technology has made it so much simpler and easier now. Even though it can be fun and easy, some people still wonder and ask the question - do I need a website to make money online ? And the answer is both yes and no, because it really depends on what your purpose, goal or intent is because you do have basically three basic options for making money online they are :

1.) Doing ad-hoc marketing - This can be done by posting your own ads and doing all of your own marketing. When it comes to making money online, one thing tends to hold true in almost every opportunity and it is that you will need to either do your own marketing or pay someone else do your marketing for you.

2.) Create a website - This option is usually a good fit for people or businesses that are going to pay to have their marketing done for them at some point in time. This business model works very well for ecommerce stores like Amazon, Ebay and others. This model can work very well for you if you have a marketing budget that will cover your ongoing marketing cost.

3.) Start a blog - This is a great way to make money in a variety of different ways for example you can do all or any of the following things :

- Create content about something that you enjoy or feel passionate about and make money as an affiliate marketer by reviewing and recommending high quality, related products that will benefit your readers.

- Promote your own products and promote them from your blog - This also works very well for Authors, Trainers, Performers and many others as well. When you choose to become a product creator you are creating a business asset that can earn you passive income over time.

- Create an information site where you share useful, valuable, helpful, entertaining, etc,etc... information with others without doing any type of direct selling. Some examples of this business model are free sites like Google, Youtube, Ehow, and many, many other sites that use adsense or some other type of advertising method to monitize their sites.

I Need A Website So I Can Learn How To Make Money Online

Of the three options listed above ad-hoc marketing works if you are just starting out and learning how to promote or market on line but it is not a long term business strategy.

Option number two is a great way to go if you want to start building an online business asset that you can start out promoting and marketing yourself and then outsource more of the work as your website grows in traffic and income. It is also especially useful when you want to have a lead capture page that you own and control so that you can build a list of subscribers and potential buyers. This is also one of the best strategies for building long term online income.

Option three really gives you the most flexibility however it also requires the most work as well. In choosing to start a blog, you can still build a email list and promote both your own products, become an affiliate and promote other products, while also using adsense or other methods to monitize your site. With this marketing platform, to be successful it is important to create good content that will attract visitors to your site and help you get high search engine rankings.

Regardless of which method you choose you can improve your online marketing efforts significantly by learning how search engine optimization (SEO) works and how to use it. SEO is like learning the basic online rules of how to structure your site and your content so that you can get as much free search engine traffic as possible.

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