How To Make Money As A Mobile Marketer - Using Mobile Marketing

When it comes to making money the internet most people already know that effective marketing is the key to getting prospects, customers and increasing sales. The problem is that there is so much competition out there that it can be difficult if not impossible to reach your idea customers using traditional methods of advertising.

This is why being a mobile marketer is possibly one of the best ways to position yourself to make the most money possible during this on going mobile phone e-volution. Many people have already realized that there has been a shift in the way that money is being made these days.

And those that recognize this shift and make the necessary changes to take advantage of it, are going to be the ones that ride this wave of mobile marketing opportunity forward.

Here are a few of the benefits that you can expect to experience as a mobile marketer.

Benefits Of Mobile Marketing

Immediate Results - Your message can be sent, received, read and acted upon within a very short time period, usually within 5 minutes. Users always have their phones with them and if it is not on when your message is received then they will almost always receive a notification as soon as they turn their phone back on and are ready to receive messages. Conversion rates are also much higher than with traditional website conversion rates.

Direct Customer Marketing - For most users their mobile device is even more personal than their computer or laptop which allows for more direct interaction. This also allows for more personalized interactions with your audience. Also, when a mobile user receives a special promotion or offer that they like, it is easy for them to carry the offer along with them until they are ready to use it.

More Opportunity With Less Competition
- Mobile marketing is still in its early development stages. There are not that many marketers who fully understand the unlimited income potential that is available using mobile marketing or how to tap into it.

Better Access To Prospects Or Potential Clients
- Because of the large and growing number of mobile users you have an ever increasing prospect base to market to.

Easier To Create Mobile Content
and this content stays with users longer. Mobile content is quick and easy to design and easy to share.

Huge Viral Potential - Mobile content is very much like social media in that when users get good content or good offers, they quickly share that information with their friends and family members.

Mass Communications

It is estimated that there are over 5 Billion mobile phone users worldwide and that number is steadily growing. In addition more and more mobile phone users are using their smart-phones, tablets and other devices to access the internet at anytime and from any location.

What Is Mobile Marketing :

In its most basic terms it is a form of marketing that is designed to reach users on mobile devices who “Opt-in” to your campaign to receive your marketing messages. These could be cellphones, smart-phones or other tablet or web enabled devices.

Some common forms of mobile marketing include :

Short Message Service (SMS) marketing - This is a very popular method of marketing that is based on text messaging.

In-game Mobile Marketing - This method of marketing is very popular in the apps world both for games and business apps.

Pay-Per-Call Advertising - This is where you as the marketer gets paid for each qualified call that is made as a result of your marketing efforts or campaign.

How To Make Money As A Mobile Marketer - Using Mobile Marketing

In today’s economy most businesses are desperate for new leads that they can convert into new customers. They realize that old marketing methods are no longer working and they are looking for new solutions to their lead generation problem.

This is where mobile marketers are stepping in to fill the gap. Many of the major online networks like linkshare, commission junction and many others have developed promotions for these companies that will allow mobile marketers to earn money by promoting to mobile users and getting paid when a successful lead is generated.

This means that a mobile marketer can setup a marketing campaign and once it starts getting daily, qualified calls then the money will start coming in automatically.

Some examples of companies include mortgage, travel companies, hospitality, financial services and many others.

How Does Mobile Marketing Work

The actual process of making money as a mobile marketer is really pretty simple and straightforward. Here are the basic steps that you can follow :

Step 1.) Do market research to find the best market opportunities. Start by asking the following question. Where is there a hot market of buyers willing to spend money ? People looking for insurance quotes, payday loans, healthcare info, etc, etc...

Step 2.) Find online service providers that offers a quality product or service and a high payout for pay for call leads. Some of the major players include linkshare.com and commission junction. They already have advertisers with 1800# for you to use and offers designed for mobile users.

Step 3.) Setup your marketing campaign to target your idea customers This can involve a number of different marketing strategies such as using social media such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn,microblogging platforms like twitter, classified ads, blogging, etc...

Step 4.) Track your results. It is important that you document your campaign and your efforts so that you are aware of where your best leads are coming from and which tactics and strategies are working best for you.

Step 5.)
Stay Current - This is especially important because trends can change overnight in this digital age. You also want to make sure that you are always using the most current industry best practices as well.

Things to be aware of for mobile marketers

Privacy Issues - To comply with anti-spam laws you need to do the following things :

* Have user consent prior to sending any messages.

* The recipient must be able to easily identify the sender and

They must have an easy way to opt out if so desired.

Users should opt into your marketing campaign this will also allow you to followup with them and market more offers to them in the future.

Because a lot of screen sizes are small when compare to a tablet or laptop, it is best to keep content simple and direct. This will also allow for using the same content over multiple platforms.

The earning potential that is available to people who want to learn more about how this marketing opportunity works, is huge. Now is the best time to start learning how to get the training and develop the skills needed to be successful as a mobile marketer in this new digital marketplace.

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