Local Internet Marketing - How It Works And How It Can Work For You

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Local Internet marketing could be a very smart and easy way for you to build an online business income stream by helping other business owners become more successful and profitable.

Most local businesses that do not currently have a top ranking online presence need to find a way to effectively promote their business online to increase their revenue and to stay in business.

They may already have a website and they may have tried one or two things like using Google Ads in the past with little or no results. But as most of us know if you do the right thing at the wrong time then you are not very likely to get good results.

What they really need is some one who understands how internet marketing works and which strategies need to be implemented to help them get solid, measurable results.

Anyone with even the most basic internet marketing interest could easily learn enough to position themselves as a knowledgable internet marketing consultant.

This would allow you to offer them a marketing solution that could be implemented for their particular business needs.

Whether its creating an online presence/website for them or getting their current website ranked higher in the search engine results pages so that they can out rank their competition and get more customers.

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What Is Local Internet Marketing (LIM) ?

In its most basic terms LIM is the process of marketing local businesses to the local community through the use of the internet.

This has become increasingly important as a result of the increased popularity and use of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and other devices which allow users to access the internet at anytime and from almost any location.

Now more than ever when someone wants to look up information about a product, service or business that they are interested in, they will more often than not, simply use their mobile device to google or get the information that they are looking for to help them make an informed buying decision.

Benefits And Advantages Of Local Internet Marketing

Here are a few of the benefits that can work for you as a result of doing local internet marketing :

* Very Valuable Service for local business owners - Most business owners realize that there is a trend or shift in business and consumer activity as a result of the increase in mobile device usage.

Even though they may secretly realize that they need to be keeping up with this shift, they most likely already have more than enough to do without trying to learn how internet marketing works and how to use it for both future growth and profits.

* Easy To Market - When you know how to position yourself with prospective clients then you will be seen as a solution and business owners will want to seek you out to hear what you have to say and find out what type of services can you offer them.

You want to be able to have business owners calling you instead of you calling them.

* Irresistible Offer - The best way to approach any business owner is by knowing that you can give them exactly what they want. Its just like going to take a test with all of the answers written down for you so that you know you will ace it. When you communicate with a prospect and you know you can give them exactly what they want, you will be excited about talking with them and they will be excited by what you can do for them. The two things that every business owner wants, that you can position yourself to provide them with are

1.) More Customers - Because search engine traffic is highly targeted more of the prospects that come to their business will automatically want to make a purchase and become a customer if they are satisfied with what the merchant has to offer.

2.) At a lower cost (which equals a better return on investment and more profits). When compared to the cost of traditional offline marketing such as yellow pages, Cable T.V. Newspaper or other types of advertising that local businesses tend to consider when they think about doing advertising to increase their sales, there is a huge cost savings.

Often times a local business owner can pay significantly less for a more effective online campaign using local internet marketing strategies which may also yield them faster and better results.

* Passive Residual Income - By learning how to get regular local clients that are willing to pay you a monthly fee for your marketing services, most of which you can totally outsource, you can create a passive income of hundreds or even thousands of dollars of each month.

Learn how you can earn monthly income as a Local Internet Marketer
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How Local Internet Marketing Works

The basic structure is very simple, you will need to create a marketing campaign for each business owner that will do the following things :

1.) Get A good Local business Ranking - This can usually be done very quickly because in most cases a local business has far less keyword competition than a global list would have. For example getting a local ranking for “Los Angeles Family Dentist” would be a lot less competitive than “Family Dentist” and therefore much easier to get ranked in the search engines.

2.) Get Opt-ins - Because online marketing is permission based marketing, whether you are using email or text messaging you will need to get each prospects consent to join your subscriber list and receive future messages from you. This can easily be done by offering them a high value offer and then by providing high quality content in your followup messages.

3.) Build an ongoing relationship with prospects and customers to create repeat sales. This can be done using email marketing and social media marketing with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc...

Different Types Of Local Internet Marketing Tools And Methods

Here are a few of the basic marketing tools that are available for a local business to start with :

Mobile Websites - Even if a business owner already has a website, they can usually get more prospects as a result of having a mobile optimized website to compliment their current website.

Mobile Apps - For most businesses a mobile app can help to presell their visitors and even make more sales for them.

SMS (Simple messaging service) text messaging is by far the most common and most effective because it has a very high response rate.

QR Codes - Quick Response codes allow you to embed much more information about a product or service that you may be selling and it can be quickly and easily accessed by a smartphone that has a QR reader enabled. This is quite often used in mobile couponing which can allow users to scan a QR code on a coupon and receive a discount from a particular merchant.

How To Get Clients As A Local Internet Marketing Consultant

To be successful you will need to have a system that will allow you to do the following things :

1.) Attract Friendly Prospects - You have to position yourself as a solution provider and business owners will want to hear from you and they will eagerly listen to what you have to say.

2.) Provide Immediate Value - By getting them quick listings and immediate increase in traffic, you will have earned their trust and respect.

3.) Give Ongoing Service and Support - By being able to provide them with ongoing services you can create a win/win situation which will allow you to create a growing passive income stream.

By learning how to use your online marketing knowledge, skills and abilities to help local business owners increase their sales and lower their advertising cost, you can create a very profitable online business as a local internet marketing consultant.

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